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Liquor Dispenser


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18x22” wall mount liquor dispenser.
Made from used bourbon barrels.

Choose from a 3 Dispenser unit  a 2dispenser unit with the center stave engraved. 


These are made from USED authentic bourbon barrels, therefore these are VERY rustic in nature! THE STAVES THAT ARE USED HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO BOURBON!!! The staves will NOT be perfect, there may be cracks, gashes, blemishes, discoloring, and imperfections. No two staves look alike. Staves are not even, they are cut with curves and angles which makes it impossible to be completely even or exact when assembled as a dispenser. We hand assemble every dispenser rack and given the unevenness of the stave it may NOT be perfectly even. We seal the front and sides with an organic clear wax. Every stave takes the wax differently, therefore the final finish color can vary from a light brown to a dark brown. We DO NOT use stain. We do NOT rush our orders. We sand the majority of the char off the back, but leave some of the char and spray a clear coat over it. There will be residue from the wax or charring. It can be simply wiped down if this occurs. We use quality wood screws to assemble our racks, and import the actual dispenser that is attached, which is made from a combination of plastic and metal.******

Two "d" ring hangers are included for easy hanging.
We are on a 45 day from order date turnaround time.  We are working to fill orders as quickly as possible.

*****Liquor and glasses not included***