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Pour At Home Doughbowl Candle Party


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Have you ever considered having the girls over and pouring candles? Why not?!?!?!

What a great way to have your friends over, &  pour a unique candle!! We can help with that; we even take the guess work out. If you have a microwave, then you can pour these candles.

The pour at home parties feature our mini wood dough bowls, 12oz. pre-scented wax tub, pre-tabbed wicks, wick stickers, stir stick, alcohol pad & instructions sheet.

1.  Host a party

2.  Invite friends over

3.  Everyone orders their kit

4.  Make some treats to enjoy at your party

5.  Pour candles

6.  Have some fun!!

Free Shipping!  

Select hostesses name and all the kits will be mailed to the hostess.