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Liquor Serving Tray


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The top is approximately 14" in diameter. These smaller barrel lids are limited edition. Once we sell out, thats it.

These lids are very rustic. Some will still smell of bourbon! They are authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Heads. Some of our barrel lids come from distilleries such as Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, etc. We cannot guarantee a specific distillery.

Our lids our rescued, cleaned, sanded and reattached using a piece of wood that is glued and nailed to the back. It is virtually impossible to have a used barrel lid without spacing. Lids will differ from what is seen in the photos. Each barrel head is unique and will have blemishes such as stains, saw marks, gashes, markings and gaps between boards. We try to address each imperfection the best we can while still allowing our lids to remain authentic. We do not use stain. We apply our own tinted organic wax to finish, stain and seal the lids. Every board and lid takes the wax differently. While you may choose a brown, cafe or black tint, it may differ from the pics.

Our liquor tray barrel lids make great retirement and housewarming gifts.

This listing is for an engraved tray with 4 bourbon glasses and keepsake box. Glasses may differ from the image based on our supplier.

In addition, serving tray barrel lids can be made into a lazy susan, without or without handles and engraved glasses.