Burlap Carrot Wreath

Burlap Carrot Wreath

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Join Mrs. Linda at The DIY Studio to create your own carrot wreath.

Add a dinner on to enjoy during the party!  The coffee bar will be open serving: fruit teas, coffee, italian sodas, and water.

These wreaths are a bit larger than the heart wreath!

Total Wreath Height: Measures approximately 27"to 30" tall (from carrot tip to top of greenery), depending on exact greenery pieces and placement
Total Wreath Width: Approximately 19"-21" wide (at its widest point, including protruding greenery)
Carrot Height: Approximately 21"-22" from carrot tip to center of bow
Carrot Width: Approximately 14" - 15" across the top width of the orange carrot portion of wreath
Depth: 4"-5"