Basket Weaving Party


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Have you ever wanted to learn how to weave a basket??? Here ya go!  I have a found a wonderful gal out of Louisville that has agreed to make the drive down to teach us how to weave a basket.

The basket base measures 12” long x 8” wide and has an 8” Wrought Iron handle.

Event will take place Saturday, September 9th at 10:00am.

This is a 4-5 hour event, that will take place here in our barn studio.

I will have food and drinks available for purchase.  Please DO NOT bring in beverages or food.  This is how I will cover the costs of her travel fee.

There are only 11 spots available, no exceptions!

This is a non refundable, Non Credit event.  If you cannot make it, we understand.  I will have the reeds packaged as a kit for you to complete at home, no instruction.

16 & older only!!!

All attendees must purchase a basket, no observers.

5.00 personalized disk is optional and can be added on the day of the party or now.