Studio Grounds

Welcome to Studio Grounds Coffee Bar, which is located inside of our DIY Studio.

We are open during regular party days; Thursday and Friday evenings 5:30 - 8:00


The highest quality of coffee beans from all over the world are selected and, carefully roasted, ready for you to enjoy in your favorite brewing method. The finest and freshest raw beans, are obtained, then carefully roasted to perfection utilizing a state of the art coffee roaster. We’re sure you’ll find our coffee to be world-class! We have a little something for everyone. From our mild “Mountain Mornings” blend to our bold “Coal Miner’s Brew”, we have coffee to suit any taste!  Roasted to perfection, you’ll enjoy the mild flavor of Brazilian, the slightly sweet zing of Ethiopian, and everything in between!

A Great Product Requires a Great Package
We select mason jars as our packaging with our consumer in mind; the seal of the mason jar guarantees the freshness of our coffee.